electronic components sourcing service

We deliver solutions for:

ICs / CPUs / Memories / Transistors / Diodes...
Resistors / Capacitors / Oscillators / Coils...
Connectors / Switches / IC-Sockets / Relays...
computer peripherals
HDDs / Graphic Cards / Add In Cards / Displays...
EOL, allocated, obsolete
End of Life / discontinued / hard-to-find / hard-to-buy
Mil-Spec, automotive
military, automotive, avionic specs...

unimate electronics gmbh is a specialized purchasing service for sourcing hard to find, allocated, obsolete and discontinued electronic and electromechanical components. Here at unimate, it is our ultimate objective to help solve shortage problems.

We accommodate to original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and contract electronics manufacturers (CEM's) in the:

  • automotive,
  • avionic,
  • computer,
  • industrial automation,
  • medical and
  • telecommunications industries
    and more…

If your usual supplier fails to deliver or you have unplanned demand, please don't hesitate to send us your request. Contact us before shortages of supplies cause a freeze on production in your company.

excess inventory marketing

Got any excess inventory? We are known throughout the electronic industry as a successful and trusted marketer of OEM excess inventory. If you are interested in having your excess inventory marketed sold or liquidated, please inform us as soon as possible by sending us your excess list preferably in Excel format.

quality, reliability and environment

Our company adheres to internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 Certificate. In addition, a specially trained team at unimate inspects all products which must comply to our own stringent quality standards system to ensure that all customer's expectations are satisfied before shipment. Our long term expertise in this global market allows us to minimize the risk of poor quality products resulting in yet another satisfied customer.

In addition since 2012, our environmental management system is certified according to the criteria of the international ISO 14001:2015. We at unimate handle proactively in terms of sustainability and develop our environmental management continuously.